A native New Yorker and self taught Baker & Photographer, now residing in sunny Arizona!

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I’d like to invite you in behind the scenes of my little urban kitchen!  So pull up a seat at the table and let’s get started.

I’m Connie, the voice behind URBAN BAKES.  A once novice baker and cook, I was once too timid to explore my way around the kitchen.  This ultimately hindered any potential skill set I could have built in my early years.  Eventually, I broke out from my boredom of the daily mundane meals and felt a strong desire to spruce up my palate.

Here, you will find much of my inspiration is derived from all over!  Whether it be the current season, local restaurants & markets, beautifully photographed food in magazines or via social media, the how or why to any recipe created, is always inspired and shared.

My goal is to not only inspire you through the art and flavors of food but to empower you to reach towards the next level. Take that classic recipe, spice it up with a few new ingredients or go to depths of testing an unfamiliar technique.  It might start as a challenge but I assure you, it will always be exciting and you will learn!

With hundreds of recipes, there is much to explore.  I take pleasure in sharing new techniques learned and time-saving tips and would love if you shared in the comments of your experience as well.  Let’s grab the bull by the horns, build our confidence together and try something new!

If this is your first time at URBAN BAKES, get cozy and feel free to roam through a variety of Sweet, Savory & Simple recipes to feast upon your eyes, palate and soul.  A great place to get started in finding a recipe to make is HERE and if you don’t want to miss out on Exclusive Material, you can sign up for email updates HERE.

As always, thank you for visiting!

How it Started

It was back in the year 2012, Pinterest was the newest, hottest platform I stumbled upon. I began to spend a considerable amount of time pinning a plethora of tantalizing desserts and appetizing meals. From here, I aspired to emulate these bakers/cooks behind the beautiful images and overcome my fears in the kitchen.

My passion for baking was found again that was hidden since my early childhood years and so, it started! The more I baked led to more images created, and the more I wanted to share my experience and make an impact on others to do the same thus, URBAN BAKES was born.

As a baker and cook, I have grown substantially and I believe you can as well. Through this blog, my hope is to build confidence in others and help to push their kitchen and photography skills to the next level.

So let's get started and happy baking to all the URBAN BAKERS out there! Can't wait to see what you create!


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