BAILEYS® Macadamia Brittle Cake |

BAILEYS® Macadamia Brittle Cake

From its Sweet Scent to each Decadent bite, this cake infused with BAILEYS® Macadamia Brittle coffee creamer and a Luscious White Chocolate-Macadamia Brittle Frosting, is one cake you will never forget! Calling all BAILEYS® lovers, the moment has arrived.  A BAILEYS® cake!  Only this time, the cake is made with using a nonalcoholic coffee creamer as opposed to the Irish cream.  Definitely nothing wrong with either kind however, …

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Nutella Truffles (only 3 ingredients!) |

Nutella Truffles

A simple truffle recipe using only 3 ingredients, no heavy cream & ready in 5 MINUTES!  Plus, what’s not to love?  It’s Nutella! Nutella.  Nutella.  Nutella, my guilty pleasure.  It’s a love-hate relationship I have for this luscious hazelnut spread. Love it’s silky, creamy, drippy chocolate-hazelnut flavor that could have me spread it onto EVERY. SINGLE. EDIBLE. THING. IN. LIFE. just to make it taste better BUT… I loathe that …

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How to make Edible Candy Seashells | URBAN BAKES

How to make Edible Sandy Seashells of the Sea Candy

It’s about that time when the Spring showers begin to cease and we feel the heat of the summer sun shining above us.  For most New Yorkers, we get a bit excited and begin to quickly arrange plans for outdoor festivities of barbeques, amusement parks or letting our feet bare at the beach.  We try …

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