Spanish Style Home Fries Recipe by URBAN BAKES

Spanish Style Home Fries

Never have bland potatoes again. By a simple ingredient, you can transition your next Home Fries into Spanish Style! Packed with flavor and color. You can enjoy this on the side with eggs, sausage and bacon. Bringing something slightly different to the breakfast table and that’s these deliciously flavored potatoes! It’s been several weeks since …

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Tallarin con Pollo AKA Ecuadorian Style Spaghetti with Chicken | URBAN BAKES

Ecuadorian Style Spaghetti with Chicken

A delectably savory pasta dish with a unique flavor of tomato sauce over succulent dark chicken making this meal, unforgettable! As much as the traditional spaghetti with meat sauce was comfort food growing up as a kid, this particular Ecuadorian dish was and still is one of my ALL-TIME favorite meal created by my grandmother, …

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Sopa de Menestrón aka Latin Style Minestrone Soup | URBAN BAKES

Sopa de Menestrón aka Latin Style Minestrone Soup

Warm up in this chilly weather with bowlful of a Delicious Latin Twist on the classic Minestrone Soup. Never thought I’d bring you soup, huh?  Did you know I once posted an Avocado Mint Soup?  Yep! I sure did, about a year ago. Today I wanted to shake things up a bit, you know, bring a little more savory, Latin flavor to the …

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Tres Leches Cake | URBAN BAKES

Tres Leches Cake

If you like sweetened condensed milk then you’ll enjoy taking a bite into a Tres Leches Cake.  It’s simple, easy and perhaps the moistest cake you’ll ever have with a unique flavor you cannot find in most nonhispanic bakeries and restaurants. Please tell me you’ve tried a tres leches cake?  I beg you, please tell me because if you haven’t I highly suggest you …

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Spicy Mexican Brownie Cake | URBAN BAKES

Spicy Mexican Brownie Cake

Cinco de Mayo is coming!  Do you plan on partying the night away?  I do and here’s a holiday treat to share with your friends and family over some margaritas, Coronas, or simply spiced Mexican rice milk. This cake-type brownie comes with a strong kick of flavor, SPICE and what’s great about this recipe is the ability to adjust the …

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