Tallarin con Pollo AKA Ecuadorian Style Spaghetti with Chicken | URBAN BAKES

Ecuadorian Style Spaghetti with Chicken

A delectably savory pasta dish with a unique flavor of tomato sauce over succulent dark chicken making this meal, unforgettable! As much as the traditional spaghetti with meat sauce was comfort food growing up as a kid, this particular Ecuadorian dish was and still is one of my ALL-TIME favorite meal created by my grandmother, …

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Spicy Maple Chicken Wings | URBAN BAKES

Spicy Maple Chicken Wings

I must confess, I don’t cook.  I bake. The closest thing that resembles cooking in my home is boiling water for ramen noodles and throwing frozen meals in the oven.  There’s just something about it that irks me.  Maybe it’s from all the oil splatters, cut fingers and the ever-so-long ingredient list to season an item.  I might be exaggerating on that last excuse but in general, cooking is not really one of my happy …

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