BAILEYS Irish Cream Brownie Chocolatini | URBAN BAKES

BAILEYS Irish Cream Brownie Chocolatini

Warm fudge brownie chunks laid in a fudge swirled chocolate martini and topped with homemade Baileys Irish cream -ice cream Looking to enjoy frozen ice cream over a warm rich chocolaty fudge brownie?  I thought so.  How about having it served with chocolate fudge topping soaked in Irish cream liquor?  Heaven, right?  I know.  So am I. Chocolate and martini lovers… embrace yourselves for this is one decadent …

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Chocolate Banana Tofu Mousse | URBAN BAKES

Chocolate Banana Tofu Mousse

Sometimes, I just want to keep things simple and just not bake.  And when there seems to be so much going on such as designing this new site, extended family time and continuous shopping for décor of my new home– among other things, I resort to a no-bake dessert.  Not only because it’s simple but also because it’s FAST and I’m all for getting things done quick. Just …

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Madeleines a l’Orange | URBAN BAKES

Madeleines a l’Orange

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by just about anything remotely related to France.  From actively learning the language, to attempting escargot (although I’ve been told on many occasions I would be repulsed by its texture and/or flavor and yet I’d still give it a try) and to finally gain the courage to bake several ‘French’ style desserts, my infatuation with this country is indescribable. With the opportunity …

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