Blueberry Banana Sour Cream Bread | URBAN BAKES

Blueberry Banana Sour Cream Bread

Also try Chocolate Apple Bread. “Sour cream?  In bread?”  This may have caused your face to cringe and/or further question why add it in or how sour could this bread possibly be?  I can only imagine because this is exactly what I had done when I stumbled across this recipe.  But before you turn your head, I must admit, this bread is by far one of the best breads I have tasted and the best …

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Mini Frozen Ice Cream Cheesecakes | URBAN BAKES

Mini Frozen Ice Cream Cheesecakes

Two of America’s favorite desserts are the classic cheesecake and ice cream so why not put the two together?  Makes sense, right?  That’s just what I did for today’s Sundae Sunday; ice cream cheesecake. For someone who’s not a fan of cream cheese or cheesecakes I was surprised at how addicting this creamy concoction was and I just couldn’t get enough.  Luck was by my side when company came …

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Easy 5-Step Reese's Bundt Explosion | URBAN BAKES

Easy 5-Step Reese’s Bundt Explosion

I was delighted to see my good college friend, Monica this past Saturday.  It’s not often she and I get together so when we do, we try to make the best of it catching up on oh-so-much-to-tell over mani-pedi’s, dinner and drinks in the city.  Which always leaves me to reminisce our once wild single bar nights at Down the Hatch. Since the start of my …

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Tangy Lemon Raspberry Sorbet | URBAN BAKES

Tangy Lemon Raspberry Sorbet

This week’s Sundae Sunday will waken your senses right from your very first bite.  The sweet angelic side of raspberries along with lemon’s devilish sour component, may just make your lips pucker.  The sweet and sour combination in one frozen dessert is the perfect way to cool down this summer’s heat. The result of this sorbet was an unexpected success being that I’ve never made …

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Madeleines a l’Orange | URBAN BAKES

Madeleines a l’Orange

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by just about anything remotely related to France.  From actively learning the language, to attempting escargot (although I’ve been told on many occasions I would be repulsed by its texture and/or flavor and yet I’d still give it a try) and to finally gain the courage to bake several ‘French’ style desserts, my infatuation with this country is indescribable. With the opportunity …

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Sugar Free Blueberry Blast Ice Cream | URBAN BAKES

Sugar free Blueberry Blast Ice Cream

The beautiful natural lavender color is the result of blueberries and cream.  It’s texture is rich with a sinful creamy and buttery mouth feel but don’t feel too guilty, it’s sugar free and you won’t even notice!  How great is that?! With just a few ingredients and a bit of patience, you can have this ice cream ready to eat in less than an hour.  Perfect for blueberry lovers and for those on …

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Chocolate Oreo Chunk Ice Cream | URBAN BAKES

Chocolate Oreo Chunk Ice Cream

Summer is finally here and we sure did get a hell of a welcome with this weekend’s heat.  The start to this brutally hot season means my oven stays closed* until the weather cools down.  In the mean time, I’m attempting no-bake desserts and ice cream!  Now who doesn’t love cold, creamy ice cream?!  Well, I cannot lie.  I’m not the biggest fan …

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