Spicy Maple Chicken Wings | URBAN BAKES

Spicy Maple Chicken Wings

I must confess, I don’t cook.  I bake. The closest thing that resembles cooking in my home is boiling water for ramen noodles and throwing frozen meals in the oven.  There’s just something about it that irks me.  Maybe it’s from all the oil splatters, cut fingers and the ever-so-long ingredient list to season an item.  I might be exaggerating on that last excuse but in general, cooking is not really one of my happy …

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Turtle Cheesecake Tartlets | URBAN BAKES

Turtle Cheesecake Tartlets

I am so excited and honored to guest post for one of my dearest and most supportive blogging friend, Nancy from gotta get baked!  Like most of my food blogger friends, we met over Instagram.  I still remember the first conversation we had… it was about her cute Maltese, Abby.  If you haven’t seen this white fluff-ball, well you should.  She’s adorable!  You guys …

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Champagne Cupcakes | URBAN BAKES

Move to NYC Pt. 2 & Champagne Cupcakes

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone has had a great holiday break with friends and family and is ready to take on the new year.  I sure am!  I couldn’t be more excited to start 2014 off right because this year has felt like a whirlwind.  Or at least this past month sure has been this way.WARNING: This post is longer than usual.  As a …

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Chinese Five Spice Cookies #FbCookieSwap | URBAN BAKES

Chinese Five-Spice Almond Cookies

I’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful event, Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap hosted by Lindsey and Julie to help raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.  It’s feels good knowing that a small donation can help go a long way and I get cookies sent to my door step.  How great is that?! I don’t remember how I discovered there was …

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Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie | URBAN BAKES

Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pies

I couldn’t be more excited to share these mini pies today as it’s one of the best dessert-pies I’ve had in a while.  I was never a pie type of person, but I sure did sneak another bite or two every chance I could get. I intentionally made this pie with the notion that the name “bourbon” has an older, masculine tone which was perfect for my …

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