Enhance Your Recipes with LorAnn Oils

Hello there Bakers!  I have an exciting new brand to introduce and I am so excited to share this with you!

Enhance Your Recipes with LorAnn Oils | URBAN BAKES

My journey with LorAnn Oils began a few years ago at the start of my blog when shopping for props and new ingredients.  One day while browsing in what I like to call the “gourmet” isle of HomeGoods, I stumbled upon a few jars of what I thought were extracts.  I saw orange and cream cheese and immediately I thought, “Wow, this would be a great way to add flavor to my desserts even if I don’t have the actual orange or a block of cream cheese on hand.”  As I pulled the bottles from the shelf, I found more flavors!  About 5 more.  You better believe at under $4 a bottle, I bought them all.

But what’s even BETTER than the many flavors of LorAnn Oils, is that what I purchased were emulsions; not extracts.  Heard of emulsions before?  There are used in the same fashion as you would for an extract but have more positive attributes.

Here’s why…

LorAnn Oils Emulsion | URBAN BAKES

Extracts, if not pure, can lose its potency during the heating process of baking.  Emulsions however, tend to retain their robust flavor due to its higher potency with an additional benefit of being an alcohol free product.  Anytime a recipe calls for an extract or zest, the emulsion can be used with a 1=1 conversion.  On a side note, if using baking emulsions for foods NOT requiring heat such as my banana chocolate frosting, slightly less can be used.  I’ve found many pros of using LorAnn Oils and one advantage I absolutely love is that it gives those (like myself) an alternative who may not have fresh produce at home at all times.

I’ve used LorAnn Oils many times in a variety of desserts such as madeleine a l’orangered velvet browniesred velvet ice cream and banana glazed biscotti, just to name a few.

Enhance Your Recipes with LorAnn Oils | URBAN BAKES

If you’re into trying new ingredients, this is one brand I would say without a doubt, a must try.  I’m always amazed at the new and innovative flavors LorAnn Oils continues to create.  They have also extended they’re line of vanillas in which the they were so kind to give me samples to try (pictured).  I’ve heard many good things about the Mexican Vanilla Extract and I cannot wait to test this myself.  Pictured on the spoon is the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste.  It’s much thicker like a gel but in the photo, I thinned it to show you the vanilla beans – I love looking at it!

If you’re wondering where you can find LorAnn Oils products, check your local craft supply stores (Michael’s, A.C. Moore) and department stores (TJ Maxx, HomeGoods).  Of course, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can always shop on the site itself at www.lorannoils.com.  There you’ll find even more than what the stores carry such as oils, food coloring, candy & cookie molds, mixes, recipes and much more!

LorAnn Oils Vanilla Extracts

LorAnn Oils Vanilla Extracts | URBAN BAKES

LorAnn Oil Emulsions

LorAnn Oils Emulsion | URBAN BAKES

LorAnn Oils would like to give one (1) lucky winner a chance to win 6 bottles from the select list of flavors!


image 6

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post brought to you by LorAnn Oils.  All opinions within this post are and will always be my own.  Thank you for following along with the trusted brands I use to help me bring to you product reviews and fun giveaways!

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