Move to NYC Pt. 3 Celebration with Middle Sister Wines – Goodie Two Shoes

Middle Sister Wines - Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir | URBAN BAKES

Today I’m sharing with you a little piece of my family life and I couldn’t be happier to express my excitement with you over wine! 

It started a little more than six months ago, when I was phoned with unexpectedly good news.  My sister, Tiffany, announced she was moving back to New York!  This time, with her fiancé, Hazan.  As stoked as I was, I couldn’t believe my ears.  For a while I thought, “she’s just pulling my leg” sort to speak since we tend to do this with each other, a lot!  But as she continued to explain in further detail of all the changes that needed to be made before leaving her suburbia home of Delaware to live the urban life of NYC, I knew then, she wasn’t kidding; this was for REAL!

From the time she moved till about a few months ago, things have been quite busy on her end tidying up her new place.  Her and Hazan have been so lucky to have found an apartment in Flushing, Queens that gladly accepted her cat and three dogs.  That’s right. 1 cat, 3 dogs = 4 pets!  This is almost unheard of for a 1 bedroom apartment here in the city.

Middle Sister Wines - Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir | URBAN BAKES

Nevertheless, I wanted to take the time to celebrate this joyous occasion with them over a new wine I recently discovered, Middle Sister Wines.  Coincidently, Tiffany is actually the middle sister!  I’m the oldest and our youngest is Chyann Angolie.  She’s still lives in Delaware and this Fall, she’ll be attending her first year of high school!  Time sure does fly.  You can see a throwback photo of her cute self here on instagram.

Middle Sister Wines - Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir | URBAN BAKES

Us New Yorkers, take advantage of each and every beautiful day in the city as if it were our last.  With a chilled bottle of pinot noir and warm breezy weather, the three of us decided to make a day of it at Astoria Park.  It was then when I decided to capture this special moment of them as a small celebratory gift for my sister and Hazan.

We sat over a blanket on the plush green grass and cheers’d to their move that will embark new memories.  I couldn’t be happier to have my sister live so close.  Her outgoing and bubbly personality is always contagious leaving every moment filled with joy and laughter.  Which leads to this Goodie Two Shoes being the perfect wine for us to share!   Did I mention she LOVES shoes?!

Middle Sister Wines - Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir | URBAN BAKES

If you’re looking for a variety of wines, you’re in luck.  Middle Sister Wines has several for you to choose from.  Crafted by the award-winning winemaker, Nancy Walker (a middle sister herself), these wines range from delicious red, white and sparkling wines.  The brand inspiration came from the sister in the middle – the one who always seems to have a personality of her own and steals the show (sounds like my own sister, Tiffany).  In addition, the Middle Sister brand is based on a series of quirky “middle sister” characters who each claim their own personality.  It’s engaging, it’s entertaining, and loads of fun integrating a wine that best fits you, your sister, or another family or friend.

  • Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Wild One Malbec
  • Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir
  • Drama Queen Pinot Grigio
  • Rebel Red (red blend)
  • Sweet & Sassy Moscato

If your out shopping for a Middle Sister Wine, take a look at its new feature “Drops of Wisdom” which are a dose of inspiration right on the front label.

And don’t forget to spot its fabulous new look!
– NEW LABEL: Curved edges with one sister.
– OLD LABEL: Rectangular with three characters.

Middle Sister Wines - Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir | URBAN BAKES

Middle Sister Wines can be found in these NYC locations:

38-12 28th Ave

Wine Heaven
333 3rd Ave

Normandie W&L
1834 2nd Ave

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Thank you for your support in the brands I use and trust to help me bring to you, new posts.

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