Carrot Sheet Cake with Buttermilk Cream Cheese Frosting | URBAN BAKES

Carrot Sheet Cake with Buttermilk Cream Cheese Frosting

THE Moistest Carrot Cake ever to Exist with a Luscious Buttermilk Cream Cheese Frosting. The Perfect Balance of Sweet and Tang with a Hint of Vanilla and Buttery Notes Making This Cake an Unforgettable One. It’s now my understanding what pumpkin is to Autumn, carrot is that to Spring. Took some time or a few …

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Very Berry Pie | URBAN BAKES

Very Berry Pie

A lightly sweetened homemade all-butter pie crust filled with 4 different berries giving an incredible sweet and tart combination of flavors. There’s a sudden change in the April mornings of New York.  Clearly not as cold as the Winter months but a noticeable difference in the early brisk breeze from the Fall.  The mere thought of days getting longer, the comfort of lighter clothing worn, and the change in beauty of NYC streets while …

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Baked Double Chocolate Donuts | URBAN BAKES

Baked Double Chocolate Donuts

Scrumptious, easy-to-make, chocolaty rich baked donuts are covered with a chocolate glaze giving a perfect satin finish.  The dream breakfast or snack for every chocolate donut fanatic!  Donuts.  An excuse to have cake for breakfast.  Am I right? I think for the health conscious folks, we sometimes pretend we don’t want a donut.  I know, I do it All. The. Time!  Someone will …

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Walnut Crumb Topped Banana Nut Bread | urbanbakes.com

Walnut Crumb Topped Banana Nut Bread

Wake up to a morning with a Warm, Buttery slice of Banana Nut Bread with one of my Best Sweetened Crumb Toppings you’ll ever have.     This post is dedicated to my loving Grandmother, whose eyes light up with smile when the words ‘banana nut’ are spoken, and to the best Grandfather one could ask for, my Papi, who never lets a day go by without having …

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