How to make Edible Sandy Seashells of the Sea Candy

It’s about that time when the Spring showers begin to cease and we feel the heat of the summer sun shining above us.  For most New Yorkers, we get a bit excited and begin to quickly arrange plans for outdoor festivities of barbeques, amusement parks or letting our feet bare at the beach.  We try to take advantage of the seldom perfect weathered days to never miss a moment of bliss.

How to Make Edible Candy Seashells Cupcakes | URBAN BAKES

I believe I can speak for most who reside near the eastern coast and love the summer weather, get a bit antsy for opening weekend of the beaches; which happens to be today!!  Memorial Day weekend has been one of the most exciting family vacations of the year.  Going back twenty years ago as a child, my family would travel hours to the beautiful sandy beaches of Delaware and to my favorite beach of all, Ocean City, Maryland.  As a restless child, like most kids, I dealt with being confined to the back seat, baked by the beaming sun through the car windows because I knew that once we arrived, I was free.  Free to roam around for the rest of the day doing what I liked to do which was to collect seashells.

How to make Edible Candy Seashells | URBAN BAKES

These days you have a slim to none chance in finding unbroken natural seashells by the shore.  I remember the many times I found a shell, they were of clam shells that were either very small or very broken.  My parents would often purchase artificial iridescent seashells sold in gift shops; I believe it was mainly because they felt sorry that I couldn’t find any good ones.  So this time for all the parents who’s child(ren) love seashells and whether you may or may not be able to find them, you can make your own.  An edible version any time of the year for both of you to enjoy!

Accessories you will need:

*Note: Although the items listed are of Wilton™ products, any brand should be just as efficient.

How to make Edible Candy Seashells | URBAN BAKES

Steps to Making “Natural” Seashells Using Candy Melts

  1. Microwave several candy melts on HIGH at 30 second intervals.  Make sure to stir after each interval otherwise melting will not occur.
  2. Melt another color of candy melts in separate bowl. *Tip:  Keep in mind to use contrasting colors as this will improve the appearance of the swirled effect.
  3. In a third bowl (the mixing bowl), drop a spoonful of candy melt.
  4. Drop a spoonful of the contrasting candy melt on top.
  5. Using a fork/toothpick, gently swirl the two colors. *Tip: Over-stirring will cause a complete blend of color.  Discontinue stirring when you can see and are satisfied with the swirled effect.
  6. Scoop a spoonful into the desired candy mold and leave to dry. If you’re impatient like myself, place it in the refrigerator for about 10 – 15 minutes.

You will know when the candy molds have solidified once you invert the mold plate and gently tap on the back side.  If ready, the candy mold will fall out.  If not ready, leave to continue to dry for another 10 minutes.  Refrigeration will not affect the final product.

How to make Edible Candy Seashells | URBAN BAKES

And my favorite part of all, pearl dusting!  You can use any shade of  Wilton’s Pearl Dust for a shimmered effect.  Personally, I like using the mist spray.  It’s quick, simple, and there’s less of a chance of split-over glitter (especially if you’re like me who tends to knock things over).  For the last step, arrange all candy molds face up in a dish as shown or lay them across a paper towel.  Working quickly from one side to the other, spray.  You’re probably wondering what the brush is for.  Sometimes when using the mist, if sprayed too much, simply brush the excess to avoid droplets.  (You may find droplets in the above photo as it was shot before brushing)  Regardless if you use the mist spray or glitter dust, brushing is also recommended because it allows you to fill in any nicks and crevices you may have missed.

I hope you find this as much fun as I did and if you’re curious to know what the sand is, it’s light brown sugar which works well on top of buttercream frosting.

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